New light sources hit the lighting industry revolution with a high profile
Column:Company news Time:2013-05-06
According to the iSuppli research report, global LED sales are expected to increase by 10.9% annually to $7.4 billion in 2009 and further climb to $14.3 billion in 2013,

According to the iSuppli research report, global LED sales are expected to increase by 10.9% annually to $7.4 billion in 2009 and further climb to $14.3 billion in 2013, due to the aggressive promotion of LED lighting in indoor and outdoor applications by global retailers at the end of 2009.

ISuppli pointed out at the same time, in addition to general lighting, automobiles, traffic signs, street lamps, small LCD screen and keyboard back light, personal navigation devices, digital photo frame, and a gradual increase in the proportion of products such as digital cameras using LED, and LCD TV, laptops, displays and personal lighting devices emerging markets has LED to further expand growth.

New light source and new energy lighting industry is a sunrise industry, its fast growth rate can be said to be extremely surprising. China's domestic new light source and new energy lighting industry is also in the rapid development stage. With the continuous update and progress of new light source and new energy lighting product technology, new light source and new energy lighting will replace the traditional light source in the lighting industry, which will lead to a revolution in the lighting industry. This will bring great opportunities and challenges to new light source and new energy lighting manufacturing enterprises.

In the global call for low-carbon economy, the pursuit of green, efficient development today, new light source and new energy lighting development has become an important change. The 4th China international new light source and new energy lighting exhibition, BBS, which will be held in Shanghai everbright exhibition center on April 20, 2010, will promote the application of new light source combined with new energy with the purpose of improving the technology and application level of new light source. For the first time, BBS is a joint event between CSA and Reed Exhibitions. The most authoritative domestic semiconductor lighting industry alliance and the world's leading exhibition exhibition organizer - a nice big mergers, will expand the scale and the influence of this exhibition and BBS, effectively promote the interaction of upstream and downstream industry, improve the industry competitive advantage, looking for potential customers, collect the latest market information, finding technical solutions, industry development and evolution.

At present, Shanghai is focusing on building an international financial center, an international economic center, an international shipping center, and an international trade center. Meanwhile, it is making full preparations for the 2010 world expo. At the same time, the Yangtze river delta region has good economic development and solid industrial foundation, which is also the focus of China's renewable energy, among which jiangsu province is a big province of renewable energy. The new light source and new energy lighting exhibition and BBS site in Shanghai will rely on the Yangtze river delta strong economic strength and mature new light source industrial base, gather more enterprises and industry elites to observe and participate.

At present, "ten cities ten thousand" LED application pilot demonstration city construction is in full swing, which has a positive role in promoting the LED new light source industry. This exhibition and BBS will focus on the topic of "how new light source and new energy lighting win the market". BBS will invite domestic and international renewable energy and lighting light source, green lighting products, solar photovoltaic lighting, green lighting products application in the field of research and development, distribution, design, and investment and financing, around the development of new light source and the thinking and tactics of new energy lighting, a total of four, and a special summit peak BBS.

The application of special summit Ⅰ: new energy lighting

The new energy industry is the strategic commanding height of international competition. It is urgent to accelerate the transformation of traditional industries with new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and promote the adjustment of energy and even the entire industrial structure. Considering that the cultivation of new energy market is lagging behind the industrial development, especially the most obvious situation in the photovoltaic industry, this council mainly studies the solar photovoltaic lighting, wind-wind complementary lighting and municipal power complementary lighting, especially the combined application of new light source.

The development of the special summit Ⅱ: display of new light source

Olympic Games, world expo and other major events, particularly stimulate the strong growth of high brightness full-color display. Large-size LED backlight has been gradually infiltrated from high level to medium and low-end products. The rise of small-size and low-cost NB market demand is accelerating the introduction of LED backlight into this field. Main flat-panel display technology is the industry consensus for the next generation of OLED will explore the theme of the summit Ⅱ.

Special summit Ⅲ: new light source and illumination change transportation

Nowadays, from roads, Bridges to tracks and waterways, from traffic platforms to airports and seaports, from cars, trains to ships and planes, a variety of means of transport, whether signals, sign lights or lighting facilities, have all seen new light sources. The emergence of new light source can bring what to transport, and what are the problems to be solved, special summit Ⅲ will work together to explore.

Special summit Ⅳ: professional lighting design and intelligent control system solutions

New illuminant has the characteristic that differs completely with existing illuminant, the design of its lamps and lanterns, drive, control and illume, how to think with brand-new concept, it is the problem that illume group personage pays close attention to very much. When the performance of the new light source has not reached a certain level, how to best combine with the existing light source, give play to their advantages, design innovation and system solutions, will be the focus of this association.